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虎虎生威 @Beijing



2021年台历 周令钊先生百岁艺术展艺术衍生品 @Beijing/Ji’nan

The Revival of Tradition 传统的复活@Beijing

The Revival of Tradition, Exhibition Art Director:…


Poster-The Promises of A Face @Mebospace, Beijing

Poster for Yan Zhancheng Solo Exhibition The Promi…

2018 Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition@Beijing Aimer Museum

Key Vision for Graduation Works Exhibition of CAFA…

与古谋皮 画册 @Beijing


Solo Exhibition of Wuhao @Beijing


《国家宝藏》特展 故宫箭亭广场@Beijing

2017年2月12日 《国家宝藏》特展,故宫箭亭广场 平面设计:Guangfu Design Stu…

Graphic Design Power@Beijing

©2017,  Wang Guangfu Design Studio.

Lau, Illustration @Beijing

Illustrator & Design by Wang Guangfu. © 2017, …

The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft 四季随笔 @Beijing

《四季随笔》设计 出版:中国国际广播出版社 The Private Papers of Henry …

LAO SHE 爱听·老舍 @Beijing

《爱听·老舍》设计 出版:中国国际广播出版社 i Ting Series-LAO SHE ©2017…

Second Wind-Art Exhibition 第二口气@Beijing

The Poster Design for “Second Wind-Art Exhib…

进修之道 @Beijing

The Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit 彼得兔故事全集 @Beijing

《彼得兔故事全集》设计 出版:中国国际广播出版社 The Complete Tales of Pet…

A New Approach to Gong Bi 现·象展@ Beijing

《现·象》群展海报及视觉形象 美博文化 A New Approach to Gong Bi ©201…

十届工笔大展画册 @Beijing

Art Exhibition Poster-Images Pool @Ginkgo Art Space

Sculpture Exhibition of Li Xiangqun @Mebospace

帝国兴衰启示录 Book Cover Design

Cover Design Design Director: Wang Guangfu Designe…

《司徒兆光》SITU ZHAOGUANG@Beijing

《司徒兆光》 出版:人民美术出版社 SITU ZHAOGUANG People’s Fi…

2016 Graduation Exhibition @CAFA

The Revival of Tradition, Art Exhibition @ New York, USA

《传统的复活》展览/画册设计 The Revival of Tradition ©2015-2017…

Single Malt Scotch-whiskey Package @Scotland

The Revival of Tradition 传统的复活 2013 @Istanbul 伊斯坦布尔